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Media:Special Numismatic Projects

Numismatic Libraries and NIP project [""]

The Harry W. Bass Research Foundation has created searchable indexes of Numismatic Periodicals. The Numismatic Indexes Project (NIP) covers a wide range of numismatic scholarship over many decades from both this century and the last. From the American Numismatic Society they include:

U.S. National and Regional Numismatic Organizations

ANA [""] - The American Numismatic Association - a nonprofit, educational organization chartered by Congress - is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community.

ANS [""] - American Numismatic Society - The mission of The American Numismatic Society is to be the preeminent national institution advancing the study and appreciation of coins, medals and related objects of all cultures as historical and artistic documents, by maintaining the foremost numismatic collection and library, by supporting scholarly research and publications, and by sponsoring educational and interpretive programs for diverse audiences.

CONA [""] - Central Ohio Numismatic Association (formerly CNS/COINS)

FUN (Florida United Numismatists) [""] - FUN is a State of Florida chartered, non-profit organization dedicated to the education and enrichment of numismatics in Florida and beyond.

ILNA [""] - Illinois Numismatic Association - founded in 1959 and it's principal goals are to promote the hobby among the young and to serve and educate the membership.

ISNA [""] - The Indiana State Numismatic Association (ISNA) is a statewide organization established in 1957 and now encompassing a statewide membership of over 500. ISNA's goal is to promote and advance the knowledge of numismatics along the educational, historical and scientific lines in all its various branches; to acquire and desseminate trustworthy information pertaining to such topics and to promote greater interest in the field of numismatics.

INA [""] - Iowa Numismatic Association is a non-profit, educational organization founded in 1938.

MNS [""] - The Missouri Numismatic Society is an educational society. The primary focus of each meeting is a program presented by one the members covering a topic of interest to the club.

MSNS [""] - Michigan State Numismatic Society - Founded in 1956 to promote numismatics in Michigan.

NENA [""] - New England Numismatic Association

NCNA [""] - North Carolina Numismatic Association

OSNA [""] - Ohio State Numismatic Association

PCNS [""] - Pacific Coast Numismatic Society

PNNA [""] - Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association

PAN [""]  - Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists

SC-NA [""] - South Carolina Numismatic Association

TSNS [""] - Tennessee State Numismatic Society - The objectives of this organization are to promote, extend and protect numismatic activity throughout the state, and to foster and encourage the study of numismatics in all its forms and branches; to assist in bringing about better cooperation between all persons interested in numismatics in the state.

WPNS1878 [""] - Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society

U.S. Local Clubs

Ancient Coin Club of Chicago [""] - Meeting monthly to discuss ancient coins and related issues.

Calumet Numismatic Club [""] Located in Northwest Indiana

Cedar Rapids Coin Club [""] - Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A local non-profit club meeting monthly (except July) to discuss topics of numismatic interest.

Chattanooga Coin Club [""] -

Chicago Coin Club [""] - The Chicago Coin Club was founded in 1919. The objective of the club is to pursue numismatic knowledge through the study and research of coins. currency, medals, tokens, and other related items.

Crescent City Coin Club [""]

Edmonton Numismatic Society [""]

Fostoria Coin Club [""]

Everett Coin Club [""]

Indianapolis Coin Club [""]

Johnson County Numismatic Society [ ""]

Midlands Coin Club - South Carolina ["]

Milwaukee Numismatic Society [""] - The Milwaukee Numismatic Society (MNS) is a non-profit, educational organization which was founded on October 29th 1934.

Montgomery County Coin Club [""]

Mount Vernon Numismatic Society [""]

NWDCC [""] Northwest Detroit Coin Club

OCCO [""] Ocean County Coin Club

Old Fort Coin Club [""] - One of Indiana's oldest coin clubs, having served the northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio region for over fifty years.

The Omaha Coin Club [""] - Nebraska's oldest Numismatic organization. Founded 1934. Meeting information and photos.

Pasadena Coin Club (Houston)[ ""]

Permian Basin Coin Club [""]

Raleigh Coin Club [""]

Red Rose Coin Club [""]

RACC [""] - Rockford Area Coin Club: A non-profit local club for collectors of coins, tokens, medals, and paper money. Meetings and fellowship monthly.

Rochester Numismatic Association (RNA) [""] - Since 1912, the Rochester Numismatic Association has served the needs of coin collectors and dealers in Rochester and western New York. With over 110 members, the RNA meets twice monthly from September until June, in addition to sponsoring an annual Coin Show, banquet, and picnic. The RNA is a member of the American Numismatic Society, Canadian Numismatic Association, Empire State Numismatic Association, Token and Medal Society (TAMS), and the Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC).

SJCSRACC [""] - Stephen James Central Savannah River Area Coin Club

TLCC [""] - Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club

WCCC [""] - West Chester Coin Club

Willamette Coin Club [""] Willamette Coin Club - Portland, Oregon

U.S. Specialty Numismatic Organizations

American Isreal Numismatic Association[""] - The American Israel Numismatic Association is a cultural and educational organization dedicated to the study and collection of Israel's coinage, past and present, and all aspects of Judaic numismatics.

Ancient Money[""] A photographic study of ancient coins.

Boeing Employees Coin Club [""]

Civil War Token Society [""] - Founded in 1967, the Civil War Token Society is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to help stimulate interest and research in the field of Civil War token collecting. [""]

Conder Token Collector's Club [""] - for collectors of 18th century British Tradesmen's Tokens , or "Conder Tokens"

CONECA [""] - The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America

CONECA Coin Forum [""]

Encased Collectors International [""] - International organization for collectors of encased